2019/10/14: Back from the dead

Welp, I'm back. It was unannounced and I'm not sure if anyone really noticed/cared, but here I am. I've been busier than before in the past few weeks so I haven't had the time or energy to really add to my site. I've almost lost track of what I was even doing before I stopped, if anyone was at least somewhat excited to read my planned darknet article, I'm sorry to keep you waiting. I will resume working on it ASAP. Decentralization is still something I want to write about and help progress in any way possible. I can't make any promises but I will try to keep up with this site as much as I can.

2019/09/19: /r/EnlightenedCentrism attacks Pewdiepie, News rant

Like most other parts of Reddit, this sub is an absolute cesspool. I won't provide any links simply because I don't want to spread cancer. In one of Pewdiepie's latest vids, he addresses some news headlines made about him and the recent fiasco involving his donation to the ADL. Basically, he cancelled the donation to the ADL but still plans to make a donation to an alternative charity instead since the ADL is highly controversial but news headlines from the mainstream media made it out to seem like he just flatout cancelled the donation. The headlines are obviously written in a way to convey to the audience that Pewdiepie must be some sort of fascist or Nazi or whatever.

So how does /r/EnlightenedCentrism play into this? Well it is a subreddit filled with far-left leaning people who strawman what centrism is. Centrism is merely being in the center of the political compass/scale. In theory, two centrists could have completely opposite views. To clarify; I'm no centrist, but I don't want to strawman what it is, just as I do not like to strawman libertarians as neoliberal-type people who love corporate cock even though I disagree with some of their views. The people over at /r/EnlightenedCentrism took note of Pewdiepie's latest video where he at one point said "I think the extremists on both sides are complete lunatics", now it's the top post on that sub. They're attacking Pewdiepie solely because he said this. They didn't account for context (and they never really do, otherwise the media wouldn't be able to make money) at all and at some points in the video Pewdiepie even acknowledged some fair arguments made against him (such as when he wore a hoodie with a Georgian cross and people mistook it for a German Iron Cross and he said that it was fair to call it irresponsible).

These types of toxic communities are why I deleted my Reddit account and why I'm trying to remove Reddit from my life entirely, these people are useful idiots for corporatists who make money off defamation of people and tragedies. The news trys to seem like it cares about shit, but it really doesn't. Negative news, tabloids etc is all the rage in the Anglosphere, positive and honest news just doesn't make big bucks. Things like school shootings are a godsend for mainstream media, they may mock people's thoughts and prayers but believe me, they're praying for a shooting to happen, they enjoy the rise of the alt-right, they enjoy Trump tweets, each tweet is a new headline basically.

Well that's it for this post, I'm going to follow DigDeeper's advice and try a news detox, maybe I'll just read news once a week instead, I'll also have to look for an alternative news-aggregator since Reddit was (and still sort of is) my only source of news.

2019/09/09: 10,000 views

Didn't think I'd make it this far, quintuple digits! I've gone through some changes over time, I started out with a Yotsuba-B CSS theme and then I later changed to something regrettable, a puke green colored theme which I only really went with because I wanted to be original and not use something that already existed. Now I have my current theme which I think looks quite nice and is easy on the eyes.

I'd like to give special thanks to the people that followed me and to DigDeeper above all, if not for his site, I likely wouldn't have made this site at all.

2019/09/05: The Darknet Plan

The testimonial of Jim Watkins is today. We have reached a point where platforms are treated as publishers and publishers as platforms, Section 230 applies only to big corporate giants while small non-commercial entities are treated the way people like Zuckerberg should be treated. I will be writing a new article soon to accompany my existing article on decentralization (which I still need to finish, holy shit I'm fucking lazy), since even bastions of freedom such as 8chan aren't completely immune to censorship, a shift toward the darknet is an order.

Tor's flaws emanate from its more centralized nature and Freenet suffers from the flaw of being a distributed datastore. While I'm not against datastores, I am very much against programs that force users to participate in powering said datastores with the only other option being to simply not use the program. Freenet, while far more secure in regards to darknet content, can only host static content. Tor lacks datastore capabilities outright and its hidden services, while they have improved in recent years with the advent of V3 services, are vulnerable to DDoS attacks which can be used to deanonymize services, I won't delve too much into the topic here, but point is, Tor's inherent weaknesses and Freenet's lack of versatility make them bad choices for the impending darknet shift.

I2P's use of garlic-routing makes it ideal as it addresses one of the core weaknesses of Tor. It also operates as an overlay network, meaning that applications like IRC, HTTP, FTP etc can work with it. If combined with Tahoe-LAFS, it can gain the functionality of a datastore on top of being anonymous, phasing out the need for programs like Freenet while simultaneously being optional so users do not have to participate if they wish not to.

Expect the article soon, I hope it is of at least mild interest to all of you.

2019/08/16: 8chan owner subpoenaed to testify before Homeland Security committee

I'd open up by saying something along the lines of "it's so sad that it's come to this" but we've all been saying and hearing shit like that for years now, regardless, this is a significant development in the freedom of expression debate. Jim Watkins has to testify before the US House Committee on September 5th this year, until then 8chan will be offline. It's so sad that Section 230 is used to protect the likes of Google and Facebook that are known to censor certain types of content (like a publisher does in selectively choosing what they allow) whereas 8chan, a non-commercial entity that actually does have a policy of freedom of expression is being treated like a publisher, having to bear the burden user content that gets posted.

I hope that 8chan does not go away forever, it was one of the few true bastions of free speech on the web. While it is true that extremists lurk in places like 8chan (I'm not going to try subtly denying it), those people are few in number and are typically only isolated to one board (/pol). We must not forget that even though Brenton Tarrant published his manifesto and his announcement of his intentions on 8chan's /pol/ board, it was the tech giants that permitted him to stream his hate-fueled massacre of innocent Muslims, Facebook to be precise.

While Facebook has no issue with censoring what it deems to be hate speech, it feels that things such as being complicit in genocide just aren't a priority for them. Yet despite this and despite literally every other damn thing that's occurred in their shady past, they're free to do what they wish. The big guys get away with everything and the little guys take the fall for things that aren't even their fault, what a world we live in.

2019/08/06: /r/ChapoTrapHouse has been quarantined

The leftist community that is hated by even many other left-leaning communities across the web. If you are a leftwing anarchist, if you hate capitalism, that's fine by me, have your opinions. But in my opinion, you can't be against the establishment and be an entitled faggot at the same time.

ChapoTrapHouse is a podcast hosted by faggots, catering to millennials and embracing mental deficiency. I hate to sound edgy here but if you don't believe me, just check it out yourself. Also check out this video on a Reddit thread. It's a quick video that will fill you in on everything you need to know.

I'm always skeptical of groups and individuals that promote ideas and services etc that seem good on the surface, like for example; Bitcoin Lightning. A podcast advocating for a socialist-utopia where nobody works a job and everyone is equal, sounds good on the surface right? But if it's the most funded podcast on all of Patreon and makes hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars all while the hosts are wealthy white people, then how the fuck am I supposed to take them seriously? They advocate for all this revolutionary type shit but all they do is sit around and LARP while making money off of their fans who despite sharing similar views, have no problem shelling out money to hear those same views regurgitated to them.

I am glad that /r/ChapoTrapHouse has been quarantined, hopefully if they continue their asinine behaviour inspired by the shitty for-profit podcast of the same name, they'll eventually get banned and cry "FASCIST!", perhaps they may want to help repeal section 230 protections for the big tech companies after all.

2019/07/17: 5000 views

Just a short post today. It appears I've accumulated over 5000 unique views on my site according to my Neocities profile. I am aware that isn't a large number by any means if you consider the other sites on Neocities which have hundreds of thousands or even millions of views but I feel proud of myself. I don't know how many of you I left an impression on (if any for that matter), if you read my shit and left with an altered view on politics and technology or just left because you thought I was retarded. Either way, thanks for visiting my site and stay tuned for more ramblings of mine in the future.

2019/07/16: Discussing social media

It's obvious that social media has its issues, many people have differing problems with the concept as a whole whether it be toxic pseudonymity, cyberbullying, spreading of violent fringe ideologies, spreading fake news, selling data to the highest bidder or even varying combinations of these reasons. To me, I think most of the criticisms aimed at social media are valid and fair.

While new social media services such as Mastodon address a few problems with current dominant standards like Facebook and Twitter, they don't really go all the way in fixing the issues and thus I think social media as a whole is a dead end (at least in the way it exists currently). I had formerly been a Twitter user for a long time, but had gone through three separate accounts since I would always end up getting banned at some point without being told why. After discovering Neocities, I had setup an account immediately and never tried going back to anything, not even Mastodon or Gab. You can write about whatever you feel like without traditional social media's limitations, or even just write a few JS apps and implement them for users to interact with. Even social media apps like Dissenter which may seem innovative at first glance are really just shitty alternatives to existing solutions that have been around for years now, such as writing a forum post about a topic link (this is basically what Reddit is).

Social media can turn people toxic, not to say this is a trait exclusive to social media, but it seems that this is far more of an issue with mainstream social media. I'm not quite sure what it is about social media that causes this phenomenon, but I know that it happens and that I'd preferably just stay away from it at all costs. Maybe it's the over-saturation of corporate feeds and bots that make social media the shitshow that it is, maybe it's the bias that makes these companies publishers as opposed to platforms, maybe both.

I likely won't be joining social media ever again. I encourage all of you reading to follow suit, delete your Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts etc and if you're willing to go a bit farther, delete your Google account. I'll probably delete my Reddit account at some point as well, I'm seeing less and less use for it.

2019/07/04: A rant about people programming

Okay, first entry that doesn't contain a hyperlink to some other shit, this is more of a quick rant than anything.

When I refer to "people programming", I do not mean people programming computers and apps etc, I am referring to the act of manipulating people's minds. There is tons of shit out there that is deliberately designed to fuck with your senses, most of which comes in the form of advertising. There are countless tricks used by marketing teams in various companies, whether it be fast food companies overwhelmingly using the colors red, yellow and white (colors associated with hunger) in their adverts or branding, subliminal messages or even just giant tits. There are many known tricks, however there are probably even more that are being used, tricks we have no knowledge of, tricks we may have already fallen victim to without realizing it.

The fast food advertising (also soda and other various junk food etc) is a particularly notable example in the US, obesity rates are frighteningly high. People love their McDonalds and can't live without it. Cooking real meals which are cheaper and better for you is just a foreign concept to a large sum of people, it's astonishing.

Then there's porn. The porn industry is guilty of a lot of things (I'll talk about that in the future Mindgeek article) but the main thing relating to the subject of this blog entry is the porn itself. They hire the best actors for videos, those with the biggest cocks, the biggest tits and people who are definitely above average in terms of appearance. This makes sense, since porn is an escape from reality, people will often defend it as a simple way to relieve one's self of stress, however that is true of masturbation. There is nothing inherently wrong with jacking off, but using porn is not a stress reliever, it is an escape from reality as what you are watching on sites like Pornhub is often not realistic, hence why I say "escape from reality". It's similar to using a narcotic, people can get addicted, it can cause problems, ruin relationships etc. It can give people a sense of inferiority for not having a body like those of the actors in the videos they watch, it can also trigger racism in people who would otherwise not be racist, typically through videos with titles like "white girl ditches husband for big black cock", seeing that type of content specifically would not only trigger feelings of insecurity, but also hatred toward black people and white women. A vast amount of incels have similar views to the views I'm describing here. Is it wrong to assume that groups like Mindgeek may be complicit in the rise of incel groups?

In recent times, this kind of brainwashing is carried out through the internet on a terrifying scale. It's all through adverts. Though some may not notice, it's either because they have been brainwashed beyond repair, or they use an adblocker and don't see the shit.

So far this post has been me explaining obvious shit. What really irks me is that if you criticize these business practices or bring them to light, you'll be shutdown in a variety of ways, whether it be through shadowbanning, downvoting, being dismissed as crazy etc. You also get treated like the scum of the earth for using adblockers at all. It's so frustrating having to deal with the apologia from the consumers.

2019/06/25: Google caught deliberately trying to control their users

This shouldn't really come as a major shock to too many people, however recent leaks have proven that Google does in fact have an agenda to control people's thoughts through manipulation of its own algorithms on YouTube. It has shown that it has major intent to control politics in the US. I highly recommend you watch the video presentation by Project Veritas as I simply cannot put it all into words here. The original video from Project Veritas' own channel has been taken down, however it has thankfully been downloaded and reuploaded to multiple places. The full extent of what they're doing is too large to ignore and it proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the big tech oligopoly is in fact a threat to the well being of the people. Don't try talking about this anywhere on mainstream social media such as Reddit, you'll be downvoted into oblivion and subsequently banned (as I was only mere hours after posting this to a certain subreddit).

Here are some links where you can currently find the video.

2019/06/13: Matrix protocol reaches first stable release

The Matrix protocol is a fairly new one, it began development five years ago in stark contrast to the other protocols that are used today such as SMTP, XMPP which began several years ago. It has however, finally reached the first stable release which is a great milestone.

While XMPP is great and likely won't be going anywhere for a while, it alone cannot meet the expectations of the end users, some mainstream apps such as WhatsApp use XMPP however those have greater feature sets which rely on things that cannot be federated. It was possible at one point to use XMPP clients to interact with Facebook Messenger users for example, however you'd be missing many of the features that the native Facebook Messenger app has. XMPP on its own with an average client like Gajim or Pidgin just doesn't cut it for most people, they lack the features they're accustomed to on proprietary centralized applications. Matrix fixes these problems by bringing forth a new modern system which is capable of meeting the demands of the modern end user. End to end encryption is available, it's open-source, it's federated and it's not insanely complex. On top of those critical aspects, it also has support for VoIP calling, file sharing and it also has the unique bridges feature, allowing you to use Matrix clients to communicate with people on other platforms, even proprietary programs like Discord or even an open standard likes XMPP.

I apologize if I come off as some sort of shill, but we need to accept that Matrix will be the future of instant messaging, I can imagine in the future that even proprietary instant messaging clients will use the Matrix protocol as well due to its flexibility.

2019/06/06: Mastodon is crumbling and many blame its creator

So I was initially going to recommend Mastodon in my article on centralization vs decentralization as it was federated, open-source and more private than the likes of Twitter and Gab. After finding an article comparing Twitter to both Mastodon and Gab, I found out that the lead developer Eugen Rochko was a huge SJW social leftist, immediate red flag. As you can see in the image to the right, he resorts to the absurdly common practice of strawmanning the altright as Nazis and when this other user goes on to clarify how ridiculous his statement is, he replies with something even more immature and childish. I don't want to be thought of as altright because I disagree with Eugen's policy on the whole matter, I just think he shouldn't be dictating which servers get public exposure and which don't and if he cares more about PR than maintaining Mastodon then that says a lot.

To clarify; I believe the code for Mastodon is solid, far better than Gab's and Twitter's and the UI is much cleaner and I think the concept of federated social media is awesome, however Mastodon and Eugen in particular is showcasing how poor execution can ruin even the greatest of ideas. How can things be properly federated if there's one single person who gets the final say in what instances are allowed to interact with the main one? All while going out of their way to ensure no other instances federate with any instance they happen to not like. This completely goes against the principle of federation and decentralization.

And this actually happened with another particular instance. Counter Social is a social network that prides itself on being free from trolls, bots and spam etc by blocking a select few countries in which they mainly originate and those countries being Russia, China and Syria among others (whether or not you agree with this or its effectiveness is a different discussion). People did not like what Counter Social was doing so instances started blocking it after Eugen complained about it, saying it was racist and hateful etc when really it was an issue of practicality. This caused Counter Social's development team to fork it and defederate it to its own space, thus centralizing it. Normally I am an opponent to centralization, however I think Counter Social made the right call, they can continue to develop their own unique features and what not and not have to deal with the professional Wussolini known as Eugen. It was his fault this happened, if he had just maintained a neutral stance and focused more on the software and less on being a virtue-signalling cunt, Counter Social wouldn't have had to resort to this. Eugen is a prime example of why federated applications and protocols cannot be developed and controlled by one single person. And if you think Eugen is open to changing things for the better, just check out this post of his below and you'll see why Mastodon is doomed to fail.

Mastodon Dev

Welp, this is why Gab and Twitter will end up winning, despite using an inferior centralized approach with inferior code and having to use Google and Cloudflare just to function, it will still be better (and that seriously does sadden me).

Welp, that concludes this rant of a blog post. I might make more posts here if I feel like it.