I am an ordinary guy that goes by the pseudonym of Genetic Abhorrence (or Intrinsically Repulsive). I am sick of being banned from Twitter, so I gave it up. I only ever used Twitter since the memes were sort of fresh, the communities were fun and engaging and despite being a part of "big tech", it wasn't a part of the big 5 so it felt like a decent balance. I then ended up on Gab, but left after discovering the spyware present in its extension and browser.

At least here I can freely rant about what I please without being exposed to the cancer that is Gab. I decided to make my site after considering that I could write long articles that are easily accessible and not have to constantly post shit over and over again. I was also inspired to make this site after looking at another site known as DigDeeper, a pretty cool blog about politics, technology and what not, go check it out!



XMPP: geneticabhorrence@riseup.net
Chatroom: digdeeper@conference.riseup.net


Email: geneticabhorrence@disroot.org / geneticabhorrence@riseup.net

Just join DigDeeper's chatroom if you feel like chatting.
OMEMO encryption is used there so be sure you have a compatible XMPP client and provider.